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In order to enter Iranian universities, non-Iranian students across the country are required to go through a certain process. The Office of International Students and Scholars of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad was founded in August 2014 to mark the foundation of the first of its kind in the country. The aim of establishing this office was to facilitate effective communication between non-Iranian students and the admission officials of the university, and therefore the website, was launched in three languages (Persian, English, and Arabic) to respond to applicants’ questions online

Upon contacting the university and having their qualifications approved, applicants must contact Visas and Immigration, which is one of the most challenging stages of the application process. In order for applicants to be able to interact more effectively with the officials, Visas and Immigration is situated in this office, which allows the officials to respond to non-Iranian students’ requests and problems as fast as possible

The Office of International Students and Scholars is building bridges between the cultures and customs of different nations, and by becoming familiar with the culture of non-Iranian students, it is trying to find common ground and strengthen it. This office is trying to strengthen the ties between the cultures and reduce or eliminate the feeling loneliness among non-Iranian students by holding scientific camping trips, religious tours, sports competitions, etc.  

Non-Iranian students have been actively contributing to cultural activities for quite some time. However, with the establishment of this office, the foundation for even more contribution by non-Iranian students to cultural activities is laid. A brief summary of the cultural activities done by this office will be presented later on. With their innovation, creativity, motivation, and enthusiasm, non-Iranian students can assist the university to by far expand such cultural activities


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