Dormitories and Accommodation at FUM


.Dormitory facilities on each floor: bathrooms, kitchen (equipped with a dishwashing sink, dishwashing liquid, a dishwashing scotch, a dish holder, a stove, a fridge, etc.), phones, and a water dispenser




.Dormitory rooms' facilities: beds, desks and chairs, a rug, a carpet, a fridge, a wardrobe, a curtain, a shoe rack, coat hangers, a mirror, air conditioning equipment (including a heater and air conditioner), a rubbish bin, a light bulb, fluorescent lamps




.Note: students can borrow the vacuum cleaner and iron from the person in charge in the dormitory




(Outside dormitory equipment: park, exercise equipment, chess tables, table and chairs, telephone booths, shops, guard (in charge of students’ safety, security, maintaining order in dormitories, controlling entry and exit hours, etc 





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