The Ceremony of Nations in the 40th Anniversary of the Islamic Revolution with the Ambassadors of Peace and Friendship


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According to the Public Relations of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad (FUM), the ceremony of nations in the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution with the ambassadors of peace and friendship was held in the faculty of science on February 13, 2019. In this ceremony, university officials, faculty members, Iranian academic, cultural, and political officials, foreign guests, and international students of FUM attended.

Dr. Mohammad Kafi, president of FUM, referred to the victory of Islamic Revolution and maintained that the honour of this victory was not specified to Iran, but the courtiers of the Middle East played the significant role in the Revolution. We felt honoured that along with our neighboring countries, we were able to play a leading role in the production of science, culture and civilization in the world.

The president of FUM said that education in foreign universities was difficult for students. In FUM we tried to provide proper atmosphere without any problems for international students with various cultures. We hoped that after being educated, the international students of FUM return to their homelands as the ambassadors of peace and friendship, and recited Iranian honors. International students’ education at FUM is considered a boon for university community in Mashhad and in Iran. Each of the international graduates of FUM can be one of the eminent researchers of the world if they effort in their fields. It is very valuable to FUM and to Iranian academic community that the graduates of these universities have been able to achieve high academic degrees in the world.

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Dr. Ehsan Ghabool, head of International Academic Relations Department of FUM, said “International students’ education at FUM is our honour. We tried to provide proper conditions for international students to greatly benefit from of the university professors’ knowledge. Besides to be cultural ambassadors, it is planed that each of the international student becomes a potential researcher in his/her fields and bring honor for Iran and his/her country.”

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Dr. Zeinab Moazenzadeh, head of the International Students Office of FUM and the secretary of the ceremony, welcomed the students and guests. She said that the purpose of the ceremony was to introduce international students to Iranian arts,culture, civilization, and academic achievements. She also expressed her satisfaction that the international students expanded their youth, the best of time of life, in FUM and our country.

Head of the International Students Office added: "in Iran, every international student is an ambassador of peace and friendship, and we hope to see peace and friendship throughout the world in the near future."

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Dr. Yasser Abdulzahra Al-Hajjaj, the Iraqi cultural adviser in Iran, congratulated the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, and considered Iran's honors tremendous after the Islamic Revolution. He added: "We see Iran’s development, and we hope Iraqis studying in Iran, over 5,000 students, benefit from Iranian academic and cultural achievements, playing an important role in Iraq and lead their country to the development. He believed that Iraqi students’ interest to study in Iran indicated the cultural and religious affinity between the two countries. He expressed his hope that by increasing the exchange of students, professors and academic institutions, the international cooperation between the two countries will be expanded.

Mr. Heidari, the Afghan Consulate in Mashhad, expressed his thanks to the organizers of the ceremony. He asked the Afghan students, to seize the opportunity of studying in FUM to develop and resolve the problems of Afghanistan.

This ceremony was held by the International Student Office. The heads of the faculties, faculty members of FUM, deputy of Non-Iranian Students Affairs of Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, advisor to the Minister and head of the Eastern and Northeast Branch of Foreign Affairs Ministry of Iran, delegate of UNHCR Deputy, cultural advisor of the Iraqi Embassy in Tehran, head of Iraqi Consulate in Mashhad, and Tajik Consulate in Mashhad attended in this ceremony. Moreover, the top students and the winners of the sport competitions were awarded.

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